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05/27/179:41 PM D-2 (Amendment)Clinton County Democratic Central Comm
05/27/179:39 PM D-2 (Amendment)Clinton County Democratic Central Comm
05/27/178:05 PM A-1Barbara Flynn Currie for State Representative Cmte$3,500.00
05/27/175:34 PM A-1Citizens for Dan Cronin$24,000.00
05/27/174:57 PM A-1The People for Emanuel "Chris" Welch$1,000.00
05/27/1712:05 PM A-1Friends of Mattie Hunter$1,000.00
05/27/1710:34 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Re-Elect Tari Renner
05/27/177:51 AM A-1Friends of Ryan Spain$1,000.00
05/27/177:03 AM A-1Citizens for Judge Cecilia Horan$1,000.00
05/26/1710:22 PM A-1Arab American Democratic Club$2,000.00
05/26/179:45 PM A-1Neighbors to Elect Judge Kent A Delgado$3,000.00
05/26/179:13 PM A-1The People for Emanuel "Chris" Welch$5,940.00
05/26/177:10 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends For Dave Medema
05/26/177:03 PM D-2 (Amendment)New Lenox Republican Central Cmte
05/26/176:42 PM A-1Friends of Frerichs$9,500.00
05/26/176:20 PM A-1Brandon Phelps for State Representative$5,000.00
05/26/175:59 PM A-1Preckwinkle for President$26,000.00
05/26/175:39 PM A-1Illinois Health Care Assn PAC$1,150.00
05/26/175:26 PM A-1Illinois Hotel & Motel Pac (IHMPAC)$10,500.00
05/26/175:15 PM A-125th Ward Regular Democratic Organization$5,000.00
05/26/174:57 PM A-1Chicago for Rahm Emanuel$11,200.00
05/26/173:33 PM A-1Friends of Emil Jones III$2,000.00
05/26/173:29 PM LetterNew Lenox Republican Central Cmte
05/26/173:08 PM A-1Neighbors in Action Party of Stone Park Political Committee$10,459.00
05/26/172:58 PM A-1Southern Illinois Carpenters PAC$4,188.00
05/26/172:54 PM A-1Biss for Illinois$4,500.00
05/26/172:50 PM A-1Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC$330,576.78
05/26/172:38 PM A-1Community BANCPAC$1,500.00
05/26/172:36 PM A-1Jil Tracy for State Senate$5,650.00
05/26/1712:38 PM A-1Friends of Chuy Garcia$2,000.00
05/26/1712:37 PM A-1Friends for Marty Moylan for State Representative$1,000.00
05/26/1712:32 PM A-1Citizens for Cassidy$1,000.00
05/26/1712:20 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of IL PAC$4,614.00
05/26/1711:59 AM A-1Citizens for Mike Nerheim$1,000.00
05/26/1711:55 AM A-1The Good Works Project
05/26/1711:52 AM A-1Citizens for Michael P McAuliffe$2,000.00
05/26/1711:29 AM A-1Friends of Jay Farquhar$1,000.00
05/26/1711:21 AM A-1Friends of Mark Curran$1,050.00
05/26/1711:19 AM A-1Friends of Michele Smith$36,550.00
05/26/1711:07 AM D-1Friends of Daniel M Walsh
05/26/1710:53 AM A-1House Republican Organization$20,000.00
05/26/1710:50 AM A-1Chicago Latino Public Affairs Committee$1,500.00
05/26/1710:47 AM A-1Chicago Latino Public Affairs Committee$1,500.00
05/26/1710:40 AM D-2 (Amendment)East Central Illinois Building & Construction Trades Council
05/26/1710:21 AM A-1Friends of David Gonzalez$25,500.00
05/26/179:56 AM A-1Citizens for C D Davidsmeyer$1,000.00
05/26/179:25 AM A-1Personal PAC Independent Committee$298,200.00
05/26/179:23 AM A-1Personal PAC Inc$10,800.00
05/26/178:59 AM A-1Neighbors to Elect Judge Kent A Delgado$2,000.00
05/26/178:55 AM A-1Sheet Metal Workers' Intl Assn LU #73 State PAC$7,015.42
05/26/178:49 AM A-18th Ward Regular Democratic Org$10,000.00
05/26/178:28 AM A-1International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC$3,691.68
05/26/177:02 AM A-1Citizens for Lou Lang$6,000.00
05/25/179:50 PM A-1Friends of Ryan Spain$3,500.00
05/25/177:03 PM A-1Friends of Nicholas Sposato$6,600.00
05/25/176:15 PM A-1Citizens for Kurt Prenzler$2,775.00
05/25/176:06 PM A-1Friends of Patrick Stanton$1,000.00
05/25/175:45 PM A-1Committee to Elect Terri Bryant$1,000.00
05/25/175:15 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Theresa Mah
05/25/174:25 PM A-1Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate$3,500.00
05/25/174:17 PM A-1Senate Democratic Victory Fund$11,500.00
05/25/174:03 PM A-1Illinois Democratic County Chairmen's Assn$4,000.00
05/25/173:40 PM A-1Credit Union Political Action Council CUPAC IL$3,330.00
05/25/173:16 PM A-1Citizens for Mary Lou Wehrli$1,100.00
05/25/173:15 PM D-2 (Amendment)Public Safety Party
05/25/173:15 PM D-2 (Amendment)Public Safety Party
05/25/173:14 PM D-2 (Amendment)Independent Democrats of Broadview
05/25/173:14 PM D-2 (Amendment)Independent Democrats of Broadview
05/25/173:13 PM D-2 (Amendment)Mayor Maxine 2017
05/25/173:11 PM D-2 (Amendment)Mayor Maxine 2017
05/25/172:21 PM A-1Sangamon County Republican Foundation$1,000.00
05/25/172:18 PM A-1Illinois Restauranteurs PAC$8,500.00
05/25/172:15 PM D-2 (Amendment)Spirit-PAC
05/25/171:12 PM D-2 (Amendment)Vote Yes for Public Safety
05/25/171:09 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of IL PAC$1,167.00
05/25/1712:56 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends for Angel
05/25/1712:45 PM D-2Lindsay For District 65
05/25/1712:43 PM D-2Lindsay For District 65
05/25/1711:25 AM A-1Friends of County Board Chairman Jim Moustis$1,500.00
05/25/1711:00 AM A-1Wood River Twp Democratic Precinct Committeemen's Org$2,700.00
05/25/1710:51 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Raymond Tuminello$1,000.00
05/25/1710:46 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Raymond Tuminello$5,000.00
05/25/1710:24 AM D-2 (Amendment)Unite Midlothian Party
05/25/1710:24 AM LetterUnite Midlothian Party
05/25/1710:23 AM D-1 (Amendment)Unite Midlothian Party
05/25/1710:13 AM D-2 (Amendment)Spirit-PAC
05/25/1710:10 AM D-2 (Amendment)Spirit-PAC
05/25/1710:08 AM D-2 (Amendment)Spirit-PAC
05/25/1710:05 AM D-2 (Amendment)Spirit-PAC
05/25/1710:00 AM D-2 (Amendment)Spirit-PAC
05/25/179:59 AM D-2 (Amendment)Spirit-PAC
05/25/178:57 AM LetterFriends of Margaret Laurino
05/25/178:49 AM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$1,000.00
05/25/177:28 AM A-1Citizens for Judge Clare Joyce Quish$2,500.00
05/24/1711:09 PM A-1Friends of Laura Fine$1,000.00
05/24/178:58 PM A-1Friends of Robert Steele$1,000.00
05/24/177:38 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Karen M Wilson Circuit Court Judge$1,000.00
05/24/176:15 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Theresa Mah
05/24/175:35 PM A-1Northwest Suburban Teachers Union LU 1211$2,476.32
05/24/173:55 PM A-1Neighbors to Elect Judge Kent A Delgado$5,000.00