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03/29/1711:48 AM A-1Committee to Support D65 Referendum$12,000.00
03/29/1711:20 AM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for Neeley Erickson
03/29/1711:14 AM A-1Friends of Theresa Mah$14,000.00
03/29/1710:41 AM A-1Friends of Raymond A Lopez$7,000.00
03/29/1710:25 AM A-1Irvin for Aurora$10,000.00
03/29/179:38 AM A-1Friends of Fran Hurley$1,000.00
03/29/179:26 AM A-1Parents and Neighbors for Quality Education$1,000.00
03/29/179:09 AM A-1Committee to Elect Judges Christen L Bishop$4,000.00
03/29/179:06 AM A-1United For Warren$4,000.00
03/29/178:46 AM D-1Citizens for Princess Dempsey
03/29/178:29 AM A-1Committee to Elect Michael F Turk$2,992.70
03/29/178:25 AM A-1Citizens for a Safer Boone County$1,647.49
03/29/178:23 AM D-1McHenry Township Real Republicans
03/29/178:08 AM A-1Friends for Rachel Ossyra$5,000.00
03/29/177:55 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Randy Ramey$5,543.89
03/29/177:29 AM A-1Guzman for Aurora$2,000.00
03/28/1710:24 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Janice K Pulver-Lewis$1,900.00
03/28/1710:04 PM A-1Citizens for Rita Ali$1,000.00
03/28/179:34 PM A-1Friends for Arne Waltmire$5,000.00
03/28/178:35 PM A-1Hopkins for Chicago$2,500.00
03/28/177:50 PM A-1Friends of Daniel Maldonado$1,000.00
03/28/177:30 PM A-1Friends of Jerry Costello II$1,000.00
03/28/175:48 PM A-1Friends for Mayor Przybylo$3,000.00
03/28/175:19 PM A-1West Deerfield Township Republican Organization$4,801.25
03/28/175:19 PM A-1Citizens for Rauner, Inc$9,000.00
03/28/175:07 PM A-1Sandra Bury for Mayor of Oak Lawn$13,700.00
03/28/174:24 PM A-1The Common Sense Party
03/28/174:07 PM A-1Addison Twp Republican Central Cmte$3,000.00
03/28/174:06 PM A-1Dan Rutherford Campaign Committee$1,300.00
03/28/173:58 PM A-1Citizens for Malcolm Chester$2,000.00
03/28/173:34 PM A-1Citizens for Rita Ali$1,000.00
03/28/173:27 PM A-1Friends of Marion County Schools$5,000.00
03/28/173:17 PM A-1RVC FIRST$1,000.00
03/28/173:07 PM D-2Citizens to Re-Elect Nona N Chapman
03/28/172:53 PM B-1Parents and Neighbors for Quality Education$8,900.00
03/28/172:38 PM A-1Horn for Decatur
03/28/172:37 PM D-2Carol for Clerk
03/28/172:37 PM A-1Citizens for Claar$8,000.00
03/28/172:34 PM A-1Committee to Elect First Party for Bolingbrook$1,000.00
03/28/172:06 PM A-1Harlem Democratic League$1,250.00
03/28/171:54 PM A-1Friends of Ed Moody$1,000.00
03/28/171:50 PM B-1Working America$1,777.98
03/28/171:45 PM A-1Working America$1,777.98
03/28/171:30 PM A-1Summers for Chicago$41,000.00
03/28/171:19 PM A-1Friends of Chuck Weaver
03/28/171:07 PM A-1Ameya Pawar for Governor$1,000.00
03/28/1712:50 PM A-1David McSweeney for State Representative$2,500.00
03/28/1712:32 PM D-1Friends of Courtney Carson
03/28/1712:29 PM A-1Friends of Christian Mitchell$22,300.00
03/28/1712:25 PM D-2Citizens for Rolly Waller
03/28/1712:20 PM A-1Friends of Craig Iseli
03/28/1712:00 PM A-1Committee to Elect Charles "Chuck" Smith Judge$50,000.00
03/28/1711:58 AM A-1Friends of Craig Iseli
03/28/1711:58 AM A-1Citizens for Bivins$1,500.00
03/28/1711:49 AM A-1Jackie 4 Mayor$3,000.00
03/28/1711:47 AM D-1Friends for Rachel Ossyra
03/28/1711:45 AM A-1Committee to Elect Dan Burke$25,000.00
03/28/1711:34 AM A-1Citizens for Kent Gray$1,000.00
03/28/1711:30 AM A-1Friends of Thomas McNamara$11,400.00
03/28/1711:19 AM A-144th Ward Regular Democratic Org$4,000.00
03/28/1711:10 AM D-2Crawford Campaign Cmte (CCC)
03/28/1710:55 AM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens For Pamela Connell
03/28/1710:45 AM A-1United Working Families PAC$15,000.00
03/28/1710:33 AM A-1Citizens for Michael P McAuliffe$5,000.00
03/28/1710:20 AM A-1Friends of Ed Moody$19,500.00
03/28/1710:19 AM D-2 (Amendment)The Committee to Elect John Baricevic
03/28/1710:17 AM D-2 (Amendment)The Committee to Elect John Baricevic
03/28/1710:15 AM D-2 (Amendment)The Committee to Elect John Baricevic
03/28/1710:11 AM D-2 (Amendment)The Committee to Elect John Baricevic
03/28/1710:08 AM D-2 (Amendment)The Committee to Elect John Baricevic
03/28/1710:06 AM D-2 (Amendment)The Committee to Elect John Baricevic
03/28/1710:04 AM D-2 (Amendment)The Committee to Elect John Baricevic
03/28/1710:02 AM A-1Jackie 4 Mayor$1,000.00
03/28/1710:00 AM A-1Friends of Edward M Burke$5,000.00
03/28/179:59 AM D-2 (Amendment)The Committee to Elect John Baricevic
03/28/179:53 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Mokena
03/28/179:51 AM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens United
03/28/179:47 AM A-1Friends of Lakeisha Purchase
03/28/179:44 AM A-1Friends of Bob Streit$11,375.00
03/28/179:30 AM LetterFriends of Barb Brown
03/28/179:19 AM A-1Committee to Elect Dana Trimble
03/28/179:14 AM A-1Citizens for Joe Sosnowski$1,000.00
03/28/179:05 AM D-1 (Amendment)Biss for Illinois
03/28/179:02 AM A-1Citizens For Jessica Horstman
03/28/178:56 AM D-1Neighbors for Baldino
03/28/178:54 AM A-1Friends of Iris Y Martinez$30,000.00
03/28/178:42 AM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Brett Gerger
03/28/178:40 AM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for Dale A Righter Illinois State Senate
03/28/178:36 AM A-1Citizens for Vernier
03/28/178:34 AM A-1The Conservation Foundation
03/28/178:28 AM D-1Citizens For Misty
03/28/178:22 AM D-1Biss for Illinois
03/28/178:16 AM D-1Friends of Steve Jennings
03/28/178:06 AM A-1Democratic Women of Knox County
03/28/1712:18 AM A-1Citizens for John M Cabello$2,000.00
03/27/1711:14 PM A-1Citizens for Rita Ali$1,000.00
03/27/1711:07 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Perry D Browley$1,000.00
03/27/1710:51 PM A-1Friends for Mulroe$17,500.00
03/27/1710:37 PM A-1Friends of Ryan Spain$1,500.00
03/27/1710:15 PM A-1Citizens for Christopher Getty$4,500.00